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What is Things for Designers?

Started in early 2017, Things for Designers (TFD) is a human-curated selection of great products and artworks specifically for designers. It's a platform for sharing great finds online with a common passion for great design, minimalism and timelessness.

How'd you come up with the name?

The team here at TFD are all designers, makers and creators themselves. We're a small team including digital and print designers, interaction and UX designers, stylists, photographers and a musician. We choose things we like, and sort through your suggestions.

Why use Amazon?

Amazon is famously quick and easy. They have great prices, offer free shipping, and have fantastic customer support. They also have a huge catalog which makes it easy for everyone.

Can I order from the US?

Sure you can, but currently we only link to Amazon UK. We're launching here (home!) before extending to other markets in Europe and then USA, Canada, India, Australia.

Coming soon: